Imagine for a moment, being 14-years-old and your home has become unbearable or unsafe to the point you have no option but to leave.

But you’re not ready; you have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to.

The uncertainty and anxiety felt by young people experiencing homelessness, for even a short period of time, causes untold stress. They can easily become cut-off from society, dropping out of school, unable to access mainstream services or participate in the community in a meaningful way. They are more likely to experience depression and mental health challenges, poor nutrition and health, and substance abuse, as they struggle to meet their daily needs.

YOU can help! Your kind donation today will change a young person’s life.

Every day BYS meets young people who have experienced more hardship in their short lives than many of us will experience in a lifetime – like David. David has grappled with many challenges in his young life. At just 18 he has been arrested, spent two-and-a-half years in a mental health facility and even longer living on the streets. But in a little over 12 months, he’s bravely made his way from sleeping rough to living independently.

David’s story is just one of many examples of how your kind gift today can make a lasting difference in the life of a young person.

“Before BYS no-one would take me on and at that point I wasn’t doing very well. I lost all my teenage years and I can’t go back… but now the future is looking bright.”

At just 13, David began to show the very first signs of a serious mental illness though he didn’t realise what it was.

“I had no clue what was going on… I was arrested for breaking into cars. It wasn’t to steal anything… but to smash the GPS trackers; I thought that’s the way people were contacting me and it was very real in my head,” David said.

“The police arrested me and locked me up and then I went to a mental health ward.”

David was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and was admitted to hospital.

“I ended up staying longer in the mental health ward than I needed to because I had nowhere to go.”

For David, returning to his family home wasn’t an option.
At 16, he was released from hospital but with no support and nowhere to live, he found himself at loose ends.

“I couldn’t go home but I couldn’t dwell on it; I had to find somewhere to go,” David said.

He eventually found his way to BYS, arriving at our transitional accommodation with no clothes, belongings, food or identification.

“Once you get all those things, there are so many other things you can get into place that you couldn’t before because of those obstacles. BYS took me on and that meant a lot because absolutely no-one else would; they helped me get all those things sorted.

“I still struggle, even with meds you don’t have perfect days every day, but I deal with it. I’ve learnt how to manage it (schizophrenia) but it doesn’t go away.

Each year we see more and more young people reaching out for support and in need of urgent assistance. More than 50 per cent of the young people we meet at BYS are homeless.  For many of them, like David, becoming homeless is not something they have chosen or can control. Without the right support, these young people can struggle with homelessness their entire lives. Intervening early is vital to reduce their exposure to violence and trauma and prevent them from losing hope for the future.

BYS takes a holistic approach when we work with young people – dealing with a multitude of complex issues which might be troubling them. Along with homelessness, these often include experiences of violence or abuse; financial, legal or relationship problems; or medical, psychological and substance use issues. Everyone’s challenges are unique and complex. We help them to identify and achieve their goals, and access necessary services, information and resources to assist them to move out of crisis.

YOU can help them on their journey, giving them a greater chance at a better future.

BYS provides free, confidential services to over 1,500 young people annually, including:

  • crisis and transitional housing
  • emergency relief
  • medical clinic and mental health services
  • street outreach
  • specialist young women’s services
  • parenting and family assistance

As the demand for these services continues to grow, we need your help.

YOU can provide other vulnerable young people, like David, with hope for a positive future and a way out of homelessness by donating today.

  • $20-50 provides medicines to alleviate chronic and acute conditions
  • $100 provides a night off the street for a young person caught in crisis
  • $200 buys a Home Essentials Kit for a young person transitioning from homelessness into their first real home e.g. linen, kitchenware, small essentials
  • $500 supports a young person to gain employment e.g. transport fares, clothing etc.
  • $1,000 provides basic resources to reengage a young person with education or training
  • $3,000 buys a full Home Set Up Kit for a young person transitioning from homelessness into their first real home e.g. furniture, white goods, appliances, linen, kitchenware etc.



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