Costa Rica Coast2Coast Challenge

A 275 km trek across Costa Rica to raise funds for the Borne HMRI Collaboration's vital research to prevent premature birth.

The trek will now take place in March 2021, Team Borne will embark on a gruelling 275km trek led by extreme leaders Alan Chambers MBE and Wayne Hoyle aiming to raise at least $150,000 in Australia for ground breaking research to stop premature birth and give every child the best chance of a healthy life. 

The team will cross Costa Rica from east to west on a jungle route that is rarely used, even by locals. Starting from the shores of the Caribbean Sea, they will battle their way across the country on foot, bike, kayak and raft. They will trek 40km through forests and to heights of 3000m. They will cycle for 200km past coffee and sugar cane plantations and raft through white-water rapids before reaching the Pacific Ocean.

This dedicated team includes Borne Patron Will Greenwood MBE, Borne Ambassadors Jason Fox and former Australian rugby international and founder of Borne-HMRI in Australia, Dean Mumm. Together, they will push themselves to the limits of their physical and mental endurance in aid of Borne.

Premature birth is the leading cause of childhood mortality in the world today. From the moment they are born, premature babies face many challenges. Their lives are often complicated by long-term disability, such as cerebral palsy, chronic lung disease or learning difficulties. Premature birth destroys the joy of parenthood, replacing it with fear and anxiety for the future.

Yet, too often, it is unexplained and we still do not know why so many babies are born too soon and how to stop it.

Thank you for supporting this team who are embarking on the Costa Rica challenge in support of Borne's work. You are helping us advance ground-breaking research to stop premature birth.

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Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI)

One person, one family, one community at a time, the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) fights the illnesses affecting lives throughout the world. Our translational research model aligns over 1600 researchers, students and support staff from Hunter New England Health and the University of Newcastle, inspiring new discoveries to deliver a healthier future.

HMRI proudly partners with the Borne HMRI Collaboration and Borne in the UK for premature birth research, the Hunter Transplant Research Foundation for transplant research and the Hunter Children's Research Foundation for children's illness research.

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