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Westmead Breast Cancer Institute

Everyday, over 35 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer and breast cancer affects more than 13,000 women in Australia every year.
Westmead Breast Cancer Institute is committed to delivering the best possible information, advice, treatment and care to patients with breast cancer.
BreastScreen NSW Sydney West-reducing the number of deaths from breast cancer through vital early detection mammograms
Clinical Care-with Breast Cancer medical and clinical specialists, providing multidisciplinary care to breast cancer patients
Research-focusing on best-practice risk assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and survivorship
Education-providing valuable information to patients with breast cancer, their families the community, and health professionals.
We thank the community for their ongoing support through donations and fundraising events such as the annual Sydney Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride, which are essential to our cause. The funds raised via the community each year go to support our patiens and their families contributing to improved medical equipment, conducting research and clinical trials and providing updated education and support.

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