Thank you for supporting Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC) in your special occasion and celebrations. Creating safe futures for women and their children takes all of us. This is why your fundraising is so important. 

Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre

At WAGEC we create safe spaces for women and families in inner city Sydney and the inner west. For 43 years we have been providing support and shelter to women and their children when they need it most, in times of crisis and adversity.

Women and families accessing our services have been impacted by the effects of homelessness, domestic violence and systemic disadvantage.

WAGEC operates crisis refuges, medium term supported housing, rapid response and outreach support for mums with kids as well as single women. We offer a specialist domestic violence support service after hours to provide intensive and targeted support when women and kids are leaving violent situations.

We work toward a safe future for all women and families by providing enriching activities for children and young people, parenting groups to support mothers, therapeutic programs such as art and music therapy and opportunities for women to engage in study and training to enable them to up-skill and re-enter the workforce.

Each night we are accommodating 200 women and children.

We are a registered not-for-profit charity, which means that all donations you make of $2 or more will be tax-deductible.

When you fundraise in lieu of receiving gifts, you will help us provide safe spaces for women and children in crisis, as well as deliver programs that promote women's financial independence, nurture recovery from trauma and enable kids to thrive.

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