Thank you for supporting Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC) in your special occasion and celebrations. Creating safe futures for women and their children takes all of us. This is why your fundraising is so important. 

Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre

Since 1977 Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC) has been providing safe spaces for women and families impacted by the effects of domestic and family violence, homelessness and systemic disadvantage. We create enduring change in times of crisis through access to safety, housing and support.

WAGEC provides critically needed services in our community including: crisis refuges, medium term supported accommodation, after-hours domestic violence service,case management support, programs for children and young people, pathways to training, education and employment, and programs that support and nurture recovery from trauma.

We work with communities to bring about positive social change and believe this is possible through the power of partnership and collaboration.

Each night we accommodate 200 women and children.

Generosity from individuals and groups in our communities allows us to deliver services to our clients that help them to create a future that is truly safe and free from violence.

*And when we say 'women,' we mean all womankind (and their children) - including women of diverse gender and sexualities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women of colour, and women of all ages and abilities.

When you fundraise in lieu of receiving gifts, you will help us provide safe spaces for women and children in crisis, as well as deliver programs that promote women's financial independence, nurture recovery from trauma and enable kids to thrive.

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