Everyone living with Parkinson's should have access to a Parkinson's Nurse Specialist

Clive and wife Jill went through a ‘dark and difficult’ fourteen months when Clive was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago.  Months of denial, mood swings and depression dealt a blow to the peace and calm within the household.  Jill was at times at her wit’s end.  As a wife, she felt terribly frustrated, wondering what to do and hence had difficulty coping.


The early signs were there for a few years before the diagnosis.  Clive was making small shuffling steps, did not swing his right hand whilst walking, his voice gradually got softer, his handwriting shrunk and he had reduced dexterity in his right arm.  It was gradual and became challenging; he had difficulty picking up a spoon, brushing his teeth and could not button up his shirt, the mundane little chores that we take for granted.


For Jill, every day was a silent plea for help.  Eventually she rang Parkinson’s WA and was linked into one of our Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists.  According to Clive “The Nurse has been our great resource, very supportive and enlightening, not just for me but for Jill as well who had been bearing the burden as my carer”.  My advice to anyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s is to talk to a Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist; they will guide you in the right direction.  Accept that you can’t do everything as well as before but you can still do it”.


Clive and the family are now champions of Parkinson’s WA.  Jill regularly attends the Kingsley support group, which she finds beneficial.  Their daughter Kerrie and her family raised significant funds at the recent A Walk In The Park.  “We try our best to raise funds in the hope that Parkinson’s WA can continue to support people in the community who are living with Parkinson’s through the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service, support groups and seminars”.

Please consider giving to the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service and the various support group programs that we run.  Every donation will help to ensure the viability of our services in the Parkinson's community. Thank you again.

Parkinson's WA

Parkinson's WA provides much needed support to more than 20,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Western Australia.

Parkinson's is one of the most common and complex progressive neurological conditions in the world and unfortunately there is no cure. Everyone living with Parkinson's should have access to a Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Service and the opportunity to participate in our support group programs.

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