Fundraiser: Andrew Hedgman
Event: World Animal Protection Hero for Animals
Event Date: 25 Sep 2011

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My target: $5,000.00Total raised: $5,730.00 AUD

We made it :D

03 Jul 12 21:58 PM
posted by Andrew Hedgman

On Saturday June the 30th I made it to the Sydney Opera House after 15 day's of running from Brisbane covering a total distance of 1000 km's!

Before setting out on this run I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Would I injure myself? Did I train enough? Would I even enjoy it? However after starting the run and as the day's started to pass I realized none of this mattered and remembered why I was doing this run, not for me but for the animals. I wanted to raise funds and awareness for WSPA, which is, as my Mum puts it, the best charity that I could have chosen!

Together we raised over $5,500 in funds for WSPA. We managed to get the word out there in magazines, newspapers and on the TV. All of these things made this run feel like a success.

I can also say that I did enjoy this run, I enjoyed every day of it because I realized what it was all about. This 1000 km, 15 day, Brisbane to Sydney run is the most satisfying run that I have ever done in my life, all thanks to WSPA - The World Society for the Protection of Animals.

1000 km Brisbane to Sydney Run.

22 Jan 12 18:02 PM
posted by Andrew Hedgman

Hey guys,

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page! Last year I ran a couple of hundred kilometers to raise money for WSPA. I was a bit short of my fundraising goal but was very happy with the result and so grateful to everyone that donated. This year, to make up for what I didn't manage to raise I will be doing another big run. Hopefully this run will close the gap to my $2000 goal and beyond!

In June I will start a 1000 km run from Brisbane and finish up in Sydney on June the 30th, my 25th birthday! I will run around 65 - 70 km's per day for around two weeks, I have already started training for this run and I hope I don't have as many troubles as I did in last years training!

Please, if you can, donate to this amazing cause. The animals will appreciate it very much :D

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