A gift in celebration of a special occasion is a wonderful way to support Lord Somers Camp and Power House.

If you're celebrating a birthday, wedding or anniversary, consider a celebration gift. It just means asking your guests to make a donation to Lord Somers Camp and Power House istead of buying a gift for you.

Click start fundraising to set up your own unique page where you can include photos and information about your special event. The link can then be easily emailed to your friends and family. Your loves ones can leave you messages of support and congratulations along with their donation and instantly receive their receipt.

For more information contact us at info@lordsomerscamp.org.au

Congratulations on your special occasion!

Lord Somers Camp and Power House

Lord Somers Camp and Power House are a diverse and intergenerational member-led community organisation which implements challenging and experienced based programs that engage with people of all ages. Though implementing programs which serve the community; our members gain exposure to life changing experiences in a fun and supportive environment.

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