Scrub Up September™ is an annual fundraising campaign that brings the Gold Coast community together to raise funds to help kids in hospital.

Every dollar raised during Scrub Up September™ for kids in hospital will help Gold Coast Hospital Foundation fund lifesaving health research, purchase essential medical equipment, and to provide interactive play and sensory areas in our hospitals. These important projects will help improve patient care, quality of life and health outcomes for unwell or injured children at Gold Coast University Hospital, Robina Hospital and all Gold Coast Health public clinics.

Meet Harry and see how your donation helps

Harry heard the doctor tell his mum “I think Harry has leukaemia” and his life changed forever. 

Harry, now 12, was a healthy kid who loved swimming and basketball when at the age of nine he was struck down with what his parents thought was a virus.

His mum Natasha, a GCUH Emergency Department nurse at Gold Coast Health, thought his initial aches and pains were due to his extra swimming commitment during school holidays.

With no other signs of illness, Harry, his parents and younger sister Holly went on a cruise to end the school holidays. He came back unwell and his GP tested him for what they thought was likely a tropical virus from the cruise overseas. However, tests showed otherwise.

Natasha and Harry sat in the doctor’s office and heard the doctor’s concerns that Harry most likely had leukaemia.

“I went into defensive mother mode trying to figure out how to explain this to Harry,” Natasha said.

“Harry said ‘what’s leukaemia?’ And I said you have a blood disorder. I didn’t want to say the word ‘cancer’. I didn’t want to frighten him.

Harry was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) and after a few weeks of genetic testing, doctors found he had a rarer type - Philadelphia Positive ALL. 

Harry is helping Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Scrub Up in September to raise funds for sick kids in hospital.

He and his family know all too well what it is like to find themselves suddenly in hospital facing time away from family, friends and home.

Please help us help patients like Harry and donate to our Scrub Up September campaign.

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Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is the official charity of Gold Coast Health Service, helping patients and families by relieving the distress caused by illness and disease.

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