Want to fundraise for Wesley Mission? We'd love you to.

Whether you're cycling in the outback, running a marathon or selling cakes on your front lawn, holding your own fundraising activity can be a fun and extremely rewarding way to help your community. By choosing to raise funds for Wesley Mission, you’re supporting our commitment to help those in need.

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Everyday Hero has made fundraising for Wesley Mission super easy. You can set up your personal fundraising webpage with your own pictures, details and story, and then share it with your friends, family and colleagues via email and social media to ask for their support.

Supporters can make donations online or you can input any cash donations you receive. Your personal Everyday Hero page can be updated at any time to let supporters know how you are going. Your Everyday Hero page will also detail every donation and any messages of support you receive.

Here to help

If you are interested in fundraising for Wesley Mission, we’re here to help. You can contact us with questions, for advice, or just to let us know what you’re planning.

Call us on 1800 021 821 or send us an email at fundraising@wesleymission.org.au

Wesley Mission

For more than 200 years Wesley Mission’s commitment to its Christian faith has guided us to support and advocate for the most vulnerable members of our society. Wesley Mission helps thousands of Australians every year. We seek to serve a community with real needs.

Our community includes people who are vulnerable and marginalised. We serve individuals who are lonely, hurt or fragile, people who are homeless, have mental ill health or disability, are frail, or unemployed. It also includes those who are spiritually lost.

With over 130 varied and far reaching programs, nearly 2,000 staff and 3,966 volunteers, Wesley Mission is one of the biggest community organisations in Australia.

14 heroes fundraising today.

All funds raised through Wesley Mission's Giving in Loving Memory initiative will support Wesley Mission’s 130 community services across New South Wales. To find out more, visit our website.

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