Celebrate your birthday by supporting The Australian Childhood Foundation

Make a difference by asking your friends and family to donate to ACF in lieu of a birthday gift.

Simply click on the pink button that says "My Birthday Page" and follow the instructions. In just minutes you can build your own 'Birthday' Page and approach your supporters for a donation by emailing them the URL (the unique web link) of your fundraising web page. Each donation is recorded on your page along with any message of support from your donors.

If you send your fundraising page to 30 of your friends, family and work colleagues you are likely to raise more than $500 for us

Australian Childhood Foundation

Thank you for selecting the Australian Childhood Foundation as your charity to fundraise for via Everyday Hero. We greatly appreciate your commitment to helping children traumatised by abuse, family violence and neglect. Your support will help provide counselling to these children so that they can recover and go on to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

By supporting the Australian Childhood Foundation, you give back to children the childhoods that abuse and neglect have stolen from them, and show them that they are part of a community that wants them to be happy and safe.

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