Adrian Barwell v2

“Stay happy and healthy! Life is for learning through experience”


Adrian began sailing 53 years ago in sabots, flying elevens and cherubs at the old Hunters Hill Sailing Club. He has acted in the role of skipper, helm, navigator to forward hand depending on the need. He is looking forward to participating in a team endeavour with good friends, but notes that for long preiods of time on a small yacht it’s important to focus on creating a harmonious environment. Adrian likes to windsurf and is ‘quite reasonable’ at it, sailing mainly in the ocean with plenty of wind around.



Chris Ryan v2

"Why' is more important than 'how, when, where and who’. I also like the advice Dory gave to Nemo…."just keep swimming”.


Chris has been sailing for almost 50 years, with several off-shore campaigns, but his skills and talents really come to the fore (or the limitations thereof..) most obviously when enticed to perform a karaoke version of the The House of the Rising Sun. His contribution to the team (when not indulging in karaoke) consists mostly of activity aft of the mast and definitely not up it! He can steer, navigate, cook and generally lend a hand where needed.

Chris is proud to be part of a well organised team, with a great boat and strong sense of social responsibility. He, like Col, will be keeping in mind the legacy of Phil Daniels. 


Col Chidgey v2

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken"


Col first set sail on the 26th January 1959. He is sailing master to Greg as skipper and owner. He also brings some experience and enjoys cooking at sea. Col is sailing for a good friend: “In 2000, in one of Greg's boats and with a crew who number as many of the crew on this run to FNQ, we were returning from a race to the Western Solomon Islands. As we watched a volcanic island being born in fire off Rendova, sailed through the Louisiade Archipelago and on down past the Saumarez Reefs, one of the crew, now taken from us far too early, said "Well, this is glorious, but who's seen the far flung reaches of the Aussie coast.  Let's sail around Australia." Phil is not with us but in spirit and he knows that 20 years later we're doing at least some of it.  This one's for you, mate.”



Greg Murray v2

“Do the best you can, care for others”


Greg started sailing in 1978 on a 16ft skiff. He first sailed on Antipodes in 1997 doing the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour race. He is an experienced sailor, having performed most roles on the boat from foredeck to helm. Greg admires Liz and Marijke’s commitment to a cause bigger than themselves and wants to support their venture by being a part of the Antipodes sailing team. This fits in well with his personal motto “Do the best you can, care for others”.



Greg Newton v2


Greg likes to keep things simple! He has 50 years sailing experience and will be the boats skipper which is all about boat knowledge and leadership. Greg is keen to relax and take in the beauty of Australia, usually sailing up the coast is a race experience with no opportunity to explore our magic coastline. Greg is a dog person and his personal motto depends on the game’s won in the last quarter.



Jacqui Murray v2

“Do everything with grace – both physically but more importantly intellectually and emotionally”


Jacqui was just 12 years old when she went on her first ever sail. That was back in ’64 and rest assured she has come a long way since then! She loves to be in charge of steering, that is, trimming Headsail. The first 24 hours or in rough seas she advises you to keep her away from cooking! Jacqui is sailing in memory of Phil who was a great friend and ‘anything in his memory is a valued achievement’. Jacqui is an all-rounder, who goes by the motto “Do everything with grace – both physically but more importantly intellectually and emotionally”.



Jim Limberiou v2

"Happy wife, happy life!"


Jim has been sailing on and off for forty years and owned a small sail boat for about 10 years. Jim is proud to be able to help disadvantaged women through this fundraising adventure while able to have fun with great mates. Jim's role on the boat is “to do as I’m told, and help with the heavy lifting/gridning etc!” Jim’s skills and talents are in the past but he claims to have some great jokes on board..




John has been sailing for about sixty years, and is happy to to be helping out wherever he can, be that the Trim, Helm or Navigation. He’s proud to be supporting the team and happy to be sailing as “anything sailing the Coral Coast is good”. He believes you should do EVERYTHING before you’re on short final, and is a retired AMA (Average Mug Aviator – 747 division).



John Stephenson v2

"There is always a way!"   


John has been sailing for around 68 years. “My first sail was in a 10ft skiff that my father bought from someone in Balmain in the late 40s. It was a beautiful thing, clinker built of course and complete with rusty iron centreboard, 9ft long bow sprit and gaff rigged. We only ever sailed it fully rigged a few times but I recall that a friend and I, using the balloon jib set off the mast for a mainsail and a small jib would take (unsurprisingly) 6 to 8 tacks to get out of Tarban Creek in a nor'easter, which some years later in a VJ, could be done in 3 or 4 of tacks.”

John is happy to do anything he can to help! Cook, wash-up, foredeck work, navigation or steering. He looks at problems as ‘merely solutions in disguise’ and loves sailing. He is looking forward to sailing the Queensland coast, all for a good cause. John also likes to paint occasionally, mostly scenes or landscapes.



Kaye Chidgey v2

"Enjoy life!"


Kaye does not consider herself a sailor as such but has been on boats for a long time. She is a helping hand on the boat and is looking forward to supporting the team and being a part of this sailing adventure.



Liz Newton v2

“Give it your best shot!” 


Liz has been sailing for half a century which may or may not be too long! She is the person to turn to for pit, trimming sails and the all-important drinks and nibbles that will get the crew through a long day of sailing. She is excited to head up toward Cape York and Lizard Island to see new sights and is proud to be working with a team supporting WAGEC. She believes that a safe and stable home is a core need for families to stay together and children to flourish. Liz is a published author, loves to look after the grandkids and has produced the three best kids in the world (she admits to possibly being biased).



Marijke Limberiou v2

“Where there’s a will there’s a way and always maintain a positive attitude!”


Marijke’s first intro with sailing was with her father on a Laser many moons ago towards Rangitoto Island in Auckland NZ. You can find Marijke comfortably taking on any role handed to her, be it trimming, fixing a meal, basically anything that needs to be done! She is content as long as she is on the water. She is proud to be able to use her passion to help raise funds for a great cause. “I have a great admiration for everyone involved” she says. “I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in this great adventure.” Marijke’s superpower is making sure all runs smoothly, which couldn’t be more in sync with her personal mantra: “Where there’s a will there’s a way and always maintain a positive attitude!”



Nicola Morgan v2

“Seize the moment and give it a go..”


Nicola is from the UK having moved here 15 years ago. She considers it a privilege each time she has the opportunity to sail along the beautiful Australian coastline. This year’s sail to Far North Queensland is a once in a lifetime opportunity and she is proud to be able to raise funds for a worthy cause at the same time as “this will make the experience all the more memorable for us all.” She started sailing after watching the yachts race and cruise around Sydney harbour on the weekends and is now in charge of the ‘pit’ or cockpit. This is where the halyards and other lines run from to hoist and drop the sails and spinnaker pole. She is also social secretary and proudly holds the title of 'undefeated sack race champion' from primary school!



Stephen Robson v2

"Do not die wondering"


Stephen has been sailing for 50 years. He is part of the fore deck team and offers youth and enthusiasm! He is proud that he can help others while doing something he loves.

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