Thank you for supporting us, your fundraising efforts will make a real difference!

By taking on the Outback Challenge for Black Dog Institute, you’ll help create a mentally healthier world and support people living with mental illness.

The funds you raise will be put to good use across our focus areas. These include ground-breaking research into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness, the development of clinical treatments, e-mental health tools, and education/awareness programs to help people better understand mental health and know how to seek help when they need it.


  • $50 Can provide a community webinar on the signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • $100 Can provide an in-person school presentation on youth mental fitness
  • $200 Can help educate health profssionals on the latest research and clinical evidence
  • $500 Can help researchers develop new treatments and e-mental health tools


Black Dog Institute

One in five Australians are affected by mental illness each year.

Mental illness can be overwhelming, crippling and isolating. Black Dog is dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of people affected by mood disorders.

We educate and empower individuals by partnering with community groups and health services. We work with doctors and health care professionals, schools and workplaces, supporting them to triumph over mental illness.

We offer special expertise in diagnosis, treatment and prevention for depression and bipolar disorder. Our on and offline treatment and research programs are translated directly to clinical interventions. They are unique in mental health.

The Black Dog Institute has 4 important goals

* to diagnose mood disorders accurately and early,
* treat them using innovative, effective and accessible strategies,
* prevent their onset by understanding why and who they affect and
* to reduce the overall impact of mental illness and save lives.

Black Dog Institute's vision is a world where the onset of depression and suicide can be prevented and treated. With your help we can make this vision a reality.

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