Celebration Donations allows you to celebrate your special occasion while supporting the 8 babies born every day with Childhood Heart Disease.

In lieu of receiving gifts at your wedding, birthday, anniversary, any other special occasion or in memory of someone very special - request that your guests make a donation to HeartKids NSW instead. Get started and select your celebration below:

Donate your birthday

Donate your wedding

Welcome Home Party Donations

Donate your anniversary

Give In Memory

Alternatively you can give the guests at your wedding a standard wedding favour or bonbonniere, you can donate to HeartKids NSW on their behalf. It’s a unique and wonderful way to make your first moments as husband & wife count! For more information on this option, please email leigh.henderson@heartkids.org.au

For more information on making the most of your birthday, wedding, anniversary or event, please call Leigh Henderson on 02 9631 2600 or email leigh.henderson@heartkids.org.au

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