The "Fat Rabbit" Motor Neurone Disease Research Grant.

Here is an inspiring story of a terminally ill Queensland man, who committed to raise money for medical research. 

In 2015 at age 58, Wayne Patterson was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. MND has no cure and no treatment. Patients typically live 2 to 5 years after diagnosis. The disease attacks the nerves attached to muscles and victims lose the ability to speak, move and breathe while still being fully aware mentally.

Wayne Patterson decided to make the most of his time left by writing children’s books about a loving character that shows values that we all should have. Fat Rabbit lives on Carrot Top Island in the Sea of Saucer with his many friends.

Wayne passed away in October 2018. He always felt blessed that he had been given enough time to cram in lots of exciting adventures and fun, family times.

Visit Wayne’s website, to discover the world of Fat Rabbit.

All funds raised from the books, donations and events go towards research into motor neurone disease and perhaps in the future, Wayne’s grandchildren will see a cure for this disease.

The "Fat Rabbit MND Research Grant" has been set up with MND Research Institute of Australia.  For this Grant to be awarded each year the Fat Rabbit Community needs to raise a minimum of $50,000pa  through the sale of books, merchanise, donations and events.  This is your chance to be part of the solution to end MND.  Join the Fat Rabbit Team and help us in the fight against MND.

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