In 2015, aged 58, Wayne Patterson was diagnosed with terminal Motor Neurone Disease and was ‘given’ 2 to 5 years.  MND has no known cause, no effective treatment and there is no cure. It attacks the limbs, breathing and swallowing of its victims but leaves the mind intact.

Predictably Wayne went through all the typical stages from denial through to anger and finally, acceptance. He reflected on the many things he had achieved in his lifetime, from humble beginnings as a motor mechanic to being a successful CEO of multi-million dollar companies and, more importantly, a father and husband. Wayne's creed had always been to make the best of the hand that you have been dealt, hence his decision to leave a legacy for his children and future grandchildren in the form of the FAT RABBIT series.

Following Wayne's diagnosis, his one regret was that he would not grow old with his future grandchildren nor be able to share with them the stories his own children grew up with. Wayne's voice was already deteriorating and would shortly go forever. Hence Fat Rabbit moved from aural history to written. Through Fat Rabbit Wayne's voice will go on forever.

Wayne passed away in October 2018. His hope was that people all over the world  would enjoy the Fat Rabbit series and the knowledge that funds raised go towards Motor Neurone research.

 Wayne and Lisa

Wayne Patterson

  • FAIM Lifetime Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management

  • MBA Master Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Diploma Accounting
  • A Grade Motor Mechanic 

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