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Thank you for your interest in hosting a Garden Party to support Murdoch Children's Research Institute and to continue the work of the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE.

By hosting a Garden Party you are supporting the life-saving research work undertaken by the institute.

Invite your friends and family to a Garden Party to celebrate this Mother's Day, and make a difference to the lives of seriously ill children.


What's involved?

1. Plan your Garden Party

  • Choose a venue and a date – you can host your Garden Party at home, at work, at a friend’s, Kindergarten, or at a local public venue.

  • Create your Garden Party web page via Everyday Hero – you will be provided with a unique Garden Party URL to share among your family and friends.

  • After you have created your Garden Party page we will post 10 beautiful Murdoch Children's Rose Cards which can be used as personalised invitations.

  • Create a guest list and prepare your online invitations.

2. How to create and personalise your Garden Party page

  • Create your own Garden Party fundraising page in Everyday Hero, add your personal details as well as your event information and make it your own.

  • Be the first to make a donation to demonstrate your commitment to this fundraising effort.

3. Tell people about it

  • There are a number of different ways to invite your guests and to suggest a donation. Don't be nervous about promoting your Garden Party as a fundraising event - its part of what will make your event so special. 

  • Share your unique Garden Party page link to spread the word and tell everyone why you are hosting this life-changing event.

  • The more you personalise your Garden Party page, the more motivated your family and friends will be to make a donation.

  • We recommend you to spread the word via your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media outlet you have. Remember to tag Murdoch Children's Research Institute so we can share your event with our community.

4. Host your Garden Party

  • After all the cooking is done and your venue is decorated, please take as many photos as you can and tag the Institute in all social media outlets you are using.

  • Feel free to leave any host tips by emailing

  • On the day, make it easy for everyone to donate. If you have collected cash from friends, you can donate it to your fundraising page using the 'Give Now' button, so your page reflects the amazing funds you have raised to date.

  •  It is important to thank every person that supported your event financially or via in-kind.


We would like to thank you on behalf of all the children we help for your generosity and for hosting this life-changing event.

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Today the health of our children is challenged by issues such as obesity, cancer, allergies, diabetes and depression. Researchers at Murdoch Children's Research Institute are working towards finding preventions and treatments to these, and hundreds of other rare and common childhood illnesses, so that kids everywhere can have a healthy future.

When you support us you are helping our researchers take an extra step towards discovering cures and treatments and improving the health of children around the world.

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