Lenny Peers is a life long Sailor and Boat Builder who had always dreamt of Sailing around the World. Just when he thought he had made it in life and was ready to head out cruising in retirement he was diagnosed with MND. His World and that of his family came crashing down with the news of a life expectancy of only 3-4 years. MND forced Lenny to sell his boat and give away his life on the water for one on land.

With MND an ever present shadow over him he never thought that he would see his dream become a reality until he joined the Sailing Catamaran Team “Talisker” as the “Boat Whisperer” in several significant races on the Queensland coast of Australia.

Deeply moved by his story, Skipper Alan and First Mate Yvonne proposed to Lenny that he should not let MND stop him from fulfilling his dream of a World Circumnavigation.

Just like that “Lenny’s Lap” was born. It serves to fulfil a great man’s dream whilst utilising a great adventure to make a difference in this world.

In 2018 a core team of 4 will be setting sail to circumnavigate the world aboard Talisker, a Seawind 1160XL Sailing Catamaran, for a 2 year adventure with the mission of raising awareness and money ($2 million) to find a cure for MND/ALS.

100% of the donation money raised via Lenny’s Lap will go to the Cure for MND Foundation.


FIGHTMND is the face of the Cure for MND foundation - a not-for-profit charity established in 2014. We aim to raise the profile of Motor Neurone Disease within Australia and abroad in the hopes that increased awareness may lead to not only better care for those affected by the disease, but also increased funding for vital research into finding a cure.
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