When a woman is diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, it’s usually too late. 

The only way we will see change, is if we make noise for teal.


Caitlin was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer at age 39. She felt alone, scared and left looking for answers.  

“I feel as though I am not prepared to accept this, my girls are too young,” Shared Caitlin. Following her first surgery, pathology showed clear cell carcinoma, not high grade serous as previously thought. This was not good.

Caitlin and her husband cried. The statistics for clear cell ovarian cancer were dire, with some 5-year survival rates as low as 17%.

Three Australian women will die each day from ovarian cancer - it is the most deadly of all women’s cancers.

Will you give a generous gift of $45 today, to help provide vital services like information and support groups to women with an ovarian cancer diagnosis and their families? 

With symptoms of ovarian cancer similar to very common health complaints, many women don’t know what to look for. We need ovarian cancer to be on women’s minds so if anything is unusual; they see their doctor right away.

Every 10 hours a woman dies from ovarian cancer. Currently, there is no early detection test.

With more research, we can make breakthroughs in early detection. We know that with more research that we can work towards prevention.

Together, we can help raise awareness, invest in research and help women diagnosed with ovarian cancer feel less alone.  Will you make some noise for teal?

By giving a very generous gift of $85 today, you are helping fund critical research for ovarian cancer and showing your support for women like Caitlin.

Caitlin’s story is not uncommon. This disease can affect our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our families. Our mission is to make sure no woman feels alone.

Ovarian cancer can strike any woman, at any age and the impact is devastating.

We are leading the movement for change against Ovarian Cancer. It is time that we stand with women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and take action for teal. But we can’t do this alone.  We need your help.

 “I can see in the year since I have been diagnosed that people are starting to recognise teal.  I can see the work that your support of Ovarian Cancer Australia is making possible.  It is giving women hope.” Caitlin said.

Will you stand with Caitlin and women like her living with ovarian cancer today by giving a gift of $100? Will you make some noise for teal?

Can we count on you?



Ovarian Cancer Australia

Ovarian Cancer Australia is the leading organisation taking action for Australians affected by ovarian cancer. We are committed to saving lives and supporting women through: providing specialised supports for women living with ovarian cancer, facilitating high-impact research to improve outcomes for women, and raising awareness on a national scale to ensure every Australian knows ovarian cancer. Together, we can make a difference.

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