It's the right of every person to included in their community. The City of Canterbury

Bankstown Council have partnered with national charity Touched by Olivia to 

build a very special place at Bankstown Gardens - Livvi's Place. 

At Livvi's Place, everyone belongs and is a part of the community. 

At Livvi’s Place, people of all ages and abilities will be able to meet, socialise, connect with 

their community and make new friendships in a safe and fun environment.

Children with disabilities and their families are often sidelined in a typical play environment 

and this playspace will be designed by the community and Touched by Olivia to ensure that

no one is left out.

Touched by Olivia has a dream that every community will have an inclusive playspace. 

Already there are 19 Livvi's Places and many more are in development. The only way we can 

make this dream a reality is with your support. 

A very unique opportunity exists for businesses and the community to make their mark on 

Livvi's Place by sponsoring a piece of play equipment, a paver that will leave a lasting mark of support in the playground or just donate.

So ask yourself - are you looking for a local project that will make a difference to your 


Something you can be proud of for decades to come?

An innovative project with broad impact? 

A donation with tax deductibility? 

Sponsor Livvi's Place Bankstown today and help build inclusion. 

Touched by Olivia

In 2006, John and Justine Perkins, lost their baby daughter, Olivia, at just 8 months old, to a rare disease. In the darkest grief parents could experience, the Perkins felt compelled to transform their tragedy into a positive for others and create a lasting legacy in their daughter’s memory. Six weeks later, Touched by Olivia Foundation was created.

During Olivia’s sickness, the Perkins realised the blunt reality that many children, including children with disabilities, are not afforded a basic human right—the opportunity to play. They decided that the very cornerstone of Olivia’s legacy must be born out of play for all, where everyone would belong, regardless of difference. It was clear to the Perkins that the perfect environment to fulfill their dream and be true to Olivia’s memory, was through the creation of inclusive playspaces, called Livvi’s Places.

Did you know:

- 1 in 100 children are on the Autism Spectrum
- 25% of Australian children are overweight
- 1 in 5 Australians have a disability
- Play is the foundation of our social skills

The Touched by Olivia Family works hard to ensure that government, corporate and communities collaborate together to create inclusive playspaces.

In less than 10 years, Touched by Olivia has spread its wings and opened 19 Livvi’s Places across Australia. These playspaces are underpinned by the principles of universal design and reinforce the basic right that every child needs to play. Many more playspaces are planned to help Touched by Olivia reach its ultimate goal – to become redundant. This will happen when every playspace in Australia considers the needs of all people.



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