Together WE can MAKE a difference

Join the epic challenge of PB4EB where you set your challenge in the month of May and spread the word to raise much needed funds for people living in Australia with Epidermolysis Bullosa the worst disease you’ve never heard of.

You can run, jump, read, shed kilos, give up your favourite treat, by doing your personal best in the month of May you will make a difference to over 1000 people living in Australia that go through 3 hour bleach bath’s and dressing changes every second day.

DEBRA Australia

DEBRA Australia is a voluntary non-government funded support group that helps individuals and their families with Epidermolysis Bullosa, more commonly known as EB. An EB person has skin that is as fragile as butterflies’ wings so they are affectionately known as “Butterfly Children”. This rare genetically inherited skin disorder is incurable and requires painful 3 hour dressing changes every second day.
DEBRA Australia works to provide financial and emotional support to families with EB as well as advocating and providing vital funding to research for a cure.

20 heroes fundraising today.

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