Calling All Heroes - 19th June 2020 is Super Boss Day!

Yes, this June, super human crime fighters across Australia will once again be donning their superhero costumes! All are dedicated to fighting, childhood heart disease, protecting our innocent children and seeking answers on how to cure this terrible disease! 

The real heroes though are the ones not dressed in capes. They are the 8 babies born every day here in Australia with childhood disease. There is no known cure and they need our help. 

Super Boss Day is a fun initiative for EVERYONE who would like to fight crime for a day by dressing up and raising funds for HeartKids. Funds go to supporting our brave children who battle heart disease everyday and their families who fight along side them. 

Thank you for supporting us, your fundraising efforts will make a real difference. So what are you waiting for? Create your own online fundraising page today!


We are HeartKids, the only national charity dedicated to supporting all infants, children, young people and adults affected by congenital and acquired heart disease. We fund life-saving research and give comfort through quality assured information and advice.

We are the national voice and advocate for all those impacted by congenital and acquired heart disease. Our free of charge support is a commitment for life because there is no known cure

31 heroes fundraising today.

Here is some text you can use for your supporter page. 


Did you know that 8 kids are born with congenital heart disease in Australia every day?
Let's be honest, these kids are the REAL heroes. There are thousands of Aussie heart kids living in Australia that desperately need help, which is why I have chosen to support them by dressing as a superhero for Super Boss Day.
But I need your help to ensure that these kids get the support they need.

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