The Cora Barclay Centre is not in the habit of making emotional pleas for community and philanthropic donations, however, this year we are; because we have to. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has impacted families with a child who is deaf or hearing impaired to an enormous degree. 

The financial impact on the Cora Barclay Centre has been significant. On average children who are deaf or hearing impaired are receiving funding at 40%-60% less than the actual cost of services.

For us, this represents a funding shortfall of $40,000 per month, or $500,000 this year. 

It doesn't take much to imagine the potential impact on services to families who are deaf or hearing impaired with the funding gap of that magnitude. 

But your donation today can help secure the future for children who are deaf or hearing impaired. 

Cora Barclay Centre

The Cora Barclay Centre provides vibrant and innovative family focused services for infants, children and students who are deaf aged 0-18 years, forty percent of whom have additional disabilities. Highly qualified therapists provide auditory verbal therapy facilitating audition, speech and language development. Services include early intervention; support for school students; audiology and cochlear implant clinic, family counsellor and a youth mentoring and training program. The Centre has an international reputation for its service provision and has won national and international awards.

"We cannot imagine Hunter’s life had he not learned to listen and speak. And the thought that future families might be impacted negatively by all of theNDIS issues breaks out hearts."

Hunter Mum, Adele

NDIS funding for Hunter, and children like him leaves a gap of $6,000-$8,000 per child, per year. With 260 children currently receiving services this is a serious problem and is deeply worrying. 

But a donation from you today will ensure other children, like Hunter, can achieve no limits in life.

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