Help children and young people with cancer by holding your own fundraising event!

You might want to organise a music concert, an art show or a bake sale. We've also seen highly successful sporting event, personal challenges, head shaves and even a few epic beard shaves - the possibilities are endless!

If you're stuck for ideas, you can download our handy A-Z of fundraising ideas for some inspiration. Otherwise, our friendly team is on hand to help you with your fundraising ideas. Please contact us at or on 1800 733 548.

If you're already ready to go, there's nothing to hold you back - set up your free fundraising page here now!


Redkite supports children, young people and their families through cancer by providing real and practical support through the cancer journey – from the very moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and when families return home to their community.

Redkite’s vital services include emotional, financial and educational support for the whole family.

How your support makes a difference:

  • $5 can keep families connected by paying for phone calls so a child in hospital can talk to family at home.
  • $10 can help get a child to hospital by paying for petrol for the long trips between home and hospital during cancer treatment.
  • $20 can keep food on the table by helping with the grocery bill when a parent stops work to care for their sick child.
  • $50 can provide education support by covering the cost of tutoring to help a young person catch up on studies missed during treatment.
  • $80 can support a parent at their sick child's bedside through the provision of vital information, support and counselling.

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