The Sydney Street Choir Corporate Challenge, supported by the PAYCE FOUNDATION aims to increase awareness of homelessness and social isolation and raise funds to support the Sydney Street Choir, an organisation that provides an innovative service aimed at restoring dignity in the lives of members of our community who, for a variety of reasons, are experiencing a difficult time.

Participating corporate organisations will get their staff together for fun packed rehearsals with the Sydney Street Choir. They will also raise funds for the Sydney Street Choir.

The Sydney Street Choir Corporate Challenge will culminate in a public event to be held during Homelessness Week. The event will be held in Martin Place on 10th August 2017, and will bring together all participating corporates in an epic performance with the Sydney Street Choir alongside Sydney Street Choir Ambassador and international recording artists Deni Hines for the general public to enjoy!

Please donate to this campaign and help change lives through the power of song!

If you would to learn more about the Sydney Street Choir or the Sydney Street Choir Corporate Challenge, please get in touch!

Corporate Choirs:

Sydney Street Choir

The Sydney Street Choir was established in 2001 to help men and women dealing with issues such as homelessness, mental illness, addiction and/or social disadvantage, through the power of song.

The Sydney Street Choir is a singing community that provides its members with a therapeutic musical program which promotes social engagement, independence and self-management, including the management of their own finances, transportation, housing and health issues.

The Choir’s performances are inspirational and uplifting as they share their stories of triumph over adversity with a variety of audiences. The Sydney Street Choir was created by Jonathon Welch (School of Hard Knocks) and it is the longest running choir programme of its type in Australia.

15 heroes fundraising today.

Sydney Street Choir Corporate Challenge Public Event

Martin Place amphitheatre, 10th August 2017, 12-2pm

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