Sleepless in September has now finished

01 Jun 2017 - 31 Jul 2017

What's keeping us awake at night

Living without a home is a frightening daily reality for over 105,000 people in Australia.

More than 26,000 are young people aged from 12 to 24.

The majority leave school before Year 10 destined for long-term unemployment.

Their average life expectancy will be 47 years compared to 82 years for most people. 

STREAT works with others – like you – to stop this.

How you can help stop youth homelessness 

Above are five trainees from STREAT's first class in 2010. Two are now chefs in Melbourne, but all had been facing many of life's most difficult issues, including homelessness. We have now helped over 400 of these 'youngstars'.

Your support and fundraising efforts will help STREAT make a real difference to the lives of many more of these amazing young people.

Getting started

This Everyday Hero site gives you the ability to easily create your own online fundraising page and team. In just minutes you can build and customise your page, then start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues and invite them to join your team and make a donation.

Step 1. Click Get Started to find out how to register or start a team.

Step 2. Click Get Involved for ideas on creating your own Sleepless event.

Have fun and thanks heaps! 

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