Fundraise Your Way has now finished

01 Jun 2016 - 31 Jul 2020


$40. You can provide a voice recordable comfort bear to a child whose mum has cancer giving them a friend to hug and letting them hear their mum’s voice when she’s in hospital or receiving treatment.

$80. By giving $80, we can provide 2 hour house cleaning sessions to help alleviate the pressure on our mums to keep their household running, during cancer treatment. House cleaning sessions are one of our most impactful offerings as many of our mums find themselves too ill or physically exhausted from treatment and post-surgery recovery to keep on top of maintaining a clean household. These sessions ensure mums can spend more quality time with their families when they need it the most.

$150. Your generous gift of $150 will provide a care package to support children and families whose mum has cancer. Our care packages for a mum and her family include a voice-recordable comfort bear and book for each child, "Dealing with cancer - a guide for mums" resource and information booklet, a travel compendium and notepad (to document and store important medical resources and information), and a Mummy's Wish tote bag.

$600. Your generous donation will provide 60 healthy and nutritious ready-made meals during the course of mum's cancer treatment, filling their tables for those times when mum is too unwell to cook, or away from home for cancer treatment or surgery.

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