Love Your Body Week 2019 has now finished

07 Aug 2019 - 30 Sep 2019

  • $15 could allow a carer to attend a webinar to help them better support their loved one with an eating disorder
  • $25 could help someone experiencing an eating disorder to attend a support group
  • $50 could help Butterfly run an online support group in rural & remote areas
  • $100 could subsidise our first digital body image program for males in schools
  • $300 could provide a local school with a workshop on positive body image & self- esteem for 30 of their students
  • $500 could train a Butterfly sessional presenter to educate & empower teachers, students & parents within schools on prevention & early identification
  • $1,000 could educate health workers and doctors within a local community in the identification & treatment of people with eating disorders

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