Ability Cycle Challenge 2012 has now finished

23 Nov 2012 - 26 Nov 2012

How you can help -

Support a Team by making a donation -  support one of the hard working teams who will pedal from Canberra to Charlotte Pass and return - a gruelling 454 kms, or

Take the 50 for 50 Challenge although the event has reached full capacity of teams and riders you don't have to miss out.                                                              Sign up for your own Challenge by completing 50 of anything you choose - 50 laps, 50 push ups, 50 minutes, 50 days, 50 kms.... anything you choose to Challenge yourself for Hartley's 50th year. Set up your own fundraising page by following the instructions listed on the download below, maybe challenge your friends and family ? (click on link below for more information)                         


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