Fundraising for kids has now finished

Your fundraising dollars will make an incredible impact. Just $15 can give a child in Ghana an insecticide-treated-mosquito net to protect them from malaria and teach them how to use it, while $10 can vaccinate a child from El Salvador from hepatitis B, or $8000 could provide safe drinking water for a community in Indonesia.

Through partnership with local churches in more than 26 countries, Compassion gives the world’s poorest children all the love and support they need, plus the physical and practical help they so often lack. We release them from poverty and give them the tools to build a future in which their own children will be free of the desperate life they were born into. Compassion is uniquely Christ-centred, child-focused and church-based. By fundraising for Compassion, you are releasing children from poverty, in Jesus’ name. 

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