Pedal Against Poverty has now finished

1. Set a date between the 14th and 28th April 2008 for a Pedal Against Poverty bike ride with your - Local bicycle users group - Workplace social club - Social, church or sports group - Families and friends - School, University or TAFE groups - Or even just you and your bike! 2. Choose the distance you ride and the route. It could be a half hour ride around the local park or a long distance endurance ride! If you are planning to be away on holidays then plan to Pedal Against Poverty while you're away-we'd love to show your photos from exotic holiday locations on our website! 3. REGISTER HERE AND START COLLECTING SPONSORS FOR YOUR PEDAL AGAINST POVERTY! Anyone can join our Pedal Against Poverty and even if you don’t want to ride, you can make a real difference by simply sponsoring someone else who is riding. The more money raised the more great work we can do to help alleviate poverty and provide a brighter 2008 for children and families around the world. For help in choosing a safe and suitable route for your Pedal against Poverty contact your local Bicycle User Group - you'll find contact details at For more information on World Youth International visit us at

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