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Thank you for supporting our Vision where our young people families and community are thriving culturally strong empowered and safe. You are providing opportunities for vulnerable Aboriginal children in our care to connect to their culture and country. With your support, children and young people in foster care, residential care and kinship care can learn about who they are and where they are from which gives a sense of belonging and comfort.

Your donation will help Aboriginal children in our care to join in our programs like our Cultural Camps which provide the chance to meet local Elders and other Aboriginal children, and participate in a weekend full of cultural activities for a really immersive experience – and connect to their culture.

When a child is placed in our care away from their family, it can be difficult for them to remain connected to their country and culture. There are over 2000 Aboriginal children in care in Victoria. Many of these children are separated from family, community and their traditional country.

“In my life, I never really had family around to connect me with my culture. VACCA helped me to know who I am, and it’s because of VACCA that I’ve been able to find out where my people are from, my family and to stay connected with my family,” VACCA Client.


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