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  2. Important for assessing whether your organisation requires an authority to fundraise online from your state or territory government.

    If you selected 'Private School - No Religious affiliation', you may need an Authority to Fundraise.

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Please note this is the entity conducting the fundraising activity and referred to in our terms & conditions of everydayhero online fundraising services.

This may be the fundraising committee of your organisation, such as the Parents & Citizens Association.

  1. To check DGR endorsement, search on the Australian Business Register using an ABN/ACN.

    If you don’t have tax deductible status, we can still accept donations, but not issue tax deductible receipts.

    The registering entity must have DGR (Tax deductible) status if you wish for everydayhero to issue tax-deductable receipts to your donors.

    View an example DGR receipt.

    View an example non tax deductible receipt.

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We need this information to deposit donations made to your organisation entity. If you are claiming DGR (Tax deductible) status, you must provide the account details of the entity that has DGR status.

You will be required to supply proof of ownership of this bank account by providing a bank statement in the next step.

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